As President of The Estate, Legacy and Long-Term Care Planning Center of Western NY, I am able to provide retirees and their families with the specific knowledge and informational tools that they need to make informed decisions on these very important planning matters. 

Bill Monte

With my free consultative services, retired individuals and married couples can better understand all of the options that exist to help protect their assets from the ever-increasing cost of long-term care, particularly nursing home care.  They can also learn about planning strategies that exist that allow them to maximize the legacy that they leave to their chosen beneficiaries by minimizing any Estate and/or Income taxes that the beneficiaries will have to pay.  

As a leading Long-Term Care and Legacy Planning expert in our area, I have helped hundreds of Rochester’s retirees put in place personalized plans that help secure their financial position and that of their loved ones. The independence of my practice allows me to work closely with you to ensure we put together a plan that is best for your particular situation and objectives.

I offer complementary individual consultation(s) where we can initiate an exploratory, fact-finding dialogue.  This allows me to learn more about the specifics of your current financial situation and fully understand what your desires and objectives are, not only for you, but for the ultimate beneficiaries of your estate as well.  I do not charge a fee for my services, anywhere along the line.  I am here to be an educator.  What individuals choose to do with the knowledge that they have received, is purely up to them.  My role is to help bring retirees from A to Z on the learning scale.


The one thing that I am NOT is an investment advisor.  I leave that task to the clients themselves if you choose to manage your own investment assets (which many do) or I often make recommendations to local investment advisors with whom I have become comfortable with if the client would like to go that route. I like to say that I specialize in everything that an investment advisor does not. Although I am very well versed in tax and estate planning matters, I may make recommendations to Estate/Elder Law attorneys and CPA’s if their services and expertise are needed to help us implement the planning strategies that we will be incorporating.


The overall objective is to make certain that the estates of those whom I work with are in the best order that they can be from an Estate, Legacy, Long-Term Care and Probate Avoidance Planning standpoint.  I take great pride in the fact that I can be of tremendous help to you in that area, bringing you the complete peace of mind of knowing that you are fully prepared for whatever comes your way in the future.


I look forward to meeting you!




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