My independent practice specializes in working with local retirees/seniors on the important Estate, Legacy and Long-Term Care Planning issues that they face and are concerned about.  The independence of my practice allows me to give objective advice and guidance, where I can truly be a trusted informational advocate and sounding board for them, having only their best interests in mind.  

Estate & Legacy Planning


Estate planning, to me, is all about how we can proactively get your estate in the best order possible so that you are prepared for whatever comes your way in the future.  Is your will current?  Do you have a power of attorney and health care proxy?  Have you done everything possible to help your estate avoid probate? 


Legacy Planning is all about how we try to maximize what passes on to our children and grandchildren by negating the income and estate taxes that they will have to pay.  There are some very neat planning strategies that exist that help accomplish that objective which I can explain to you in further detail.   

Long-Term Care Planning


I specialize in the educational process necessary for individuals and married couples to thoroughly understand the merits and importance of long-term care planning and the serious financial and emotional ramifications associated with a lack thereof.  Without question, the unanticipated and escalating cost of an extended period of long-term care represents the most significant financial risk a person will face in their lifetime.  My mission is to educate and provide guidance to those concerned about this issue so that they can intelligently plan for this risk and by doing so, obtain the peace of mind of knowing that their life savings will always be protected from any future disability or extended care need.  Together, we will explore ALL available ways to protect your assets. 


Informational Workshops


Join your friends, neighbors and other local retirees at one of my free informational workshops. Workshops are held once a month. Private workshops can be scheduled at no charge for your senior center, finance clubs or other groups interested in learning how to protect their assets.  Click the Workshop button on my home page for upcoming dates or call me directly!


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